Nephroclinic S.A. provides a wide range of hemodialysis products to meet the needs of every customer. The premises are located in Livadia, Greece in a 2,500 m2 factory recruiting the most efficient personnel, and maintaining an extended distribution network, covering all state-owned hospitals and private clinics. The main offices are in the center of Athens.

Nephroclinic SA, in the framework of its various activities has put into operation a unit for the production of hemodialysis solutions. The unit possesses up-to-date, modern equipment for the processing of water and the production of the solutions (an automatic system of inverse osmosis, stainless steel and HDPE mixing tanks, press-filters for the removal of small and microscopic articles etc) and a fully equipped quality control laboratory carrying out all the necessary test demanded by the European Pharmacopoeia (E.P.) and the International Standards wherever applicable, which assure fully controlled production.

Nephroclinic primarily focuses on manufacturing and marketing all types of Haemodialysis solutions (Concentrated Acidic Solutions, Concentrate Acetate Solutions used in combination with Concentrate Bicarbonate Solutions, Solutions mixed in the proportions, Solutions used with Sodium Bicarbonate Cartridges, Solutions for Biofiltration etc) and is licensed by the Greek National Organization for Medicines (E.O.F).

All products are available to be exported worldwide and raw materials used are of high degree of purity, meeting all the corresponding rules and demands exerted by the E.P.

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Agiou Gewrgioy, Livadia, 32007, Greece

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